Noon Fifteen takes a selfie in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Hailed as “a small town band with a big imagination” (Pete Mason, NYS Music), Ithaca, NY’s genre-bending soul combo, Noon Fifteen, delivers fun, forward-thinking songs bathed in layered vocals and old school instrumentation. The collaboration of Mandy Goldman (vocals & guitar), Samuel B. Lupowitz (keyboards & vocals), Joe Massa (guitar), Harry Nichols (bass & vocals), and Phil Shay (drums & vocals) suggests heartfelt, imaginative songsmiths like The Beatles and Lake Street Dive, seasoned to taste with elements of gospel, funk, and hard rock.

On Halloween 2019, Noon Fifteen released their epic prog-pop suite, At the Festivalwhich recounts a mourning man’s trip to a music festival as it takes a turn toward the supernatural. The band is currently releasing a serial album, Finish What You Started, through their podcast and YouTube channel. The multimedia approach builds on the release of their 2017 debut, Volume 1.

“The alternate musical styles of At the Festival drive the narrative through the album. The band shines here moving effortlessly between pop soul sounds, prog rock riffs and sonically soaring movements. The free, yet vocally stunning “Wandering” showcases the beautiful harmonies this group can deliver . . . Well-crafted and performed, At the Festival is a testament to Noon Fifteen’s willingness to explore and grow musically. This is an effort to be cheered.”
~Derrick Ottman, NYS Music

“As is to be expected at this point from Noon Fifteen, the entire 22-minute epic is packed with emotion, groove, catchy hooks, superb musicianship and orchestration, clever lyricism, and vocal precision . . . At the Festival finds the perfect application for multiple proficient lead singers . . . an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking listen that will definitely not disappoint existing fans and new listeners alike.”
~George W. Wilhelm III, New Music Friday

“Outshining conventional pop music with their creativity, the tracks on Volume 1 manage to double the length of the average pop song without feeling bloated or repetitious . . . Mandy Goldman’s vocal finesse and versatility is particularly evident . . . Each member of the group is essential to the overall sound of the band.”
~George W. Wilhelm III, New Music Friday

“Another prime example of talented original musicians that help make our music scene so special.”
~Kyle Farr, Ithaca Times

“I’m partial to female vocals – and this town is packed with women who can mesmerize with their voices. One of them has been working with some of my favorite singer-songwriters lately . . . Mandy Goldman is the real deal. And Sam Lupowitz is one of the real craftsmen of melody and words in the region, writing ear worms with thoughtful and thought-provoking lyrics that are fun to dance to or just hang out and listen.”
~Jonathan Hochberg, Finger Lakes Music Press

“One of the most versatile vocalists on the local scene, Harry Nichols goes from raucous punk pop to power metal to soulful a cappella in his various projects and handles them all equally well.”
~Jim Catalano, Ithaca Journal

Mandy Goldman - vocals & guitar. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowMandy Goldman – vocals & guitar

Samuel B. Lupowitz - keyboards & vocals. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowSamuel B. Lupowitz – keyboards & vocals

Joe Massa - guitar. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowJoe Massa – guitar

Harry Nichols - bass & vocals. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowHarry Nichols – bass & vocals

Phil Shay - drums & vocals. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowPhil Shay – drums & vocals