Noon Fifteen takes a selfie in front of an enthusiastic crowd.


Progressive soul band Noon Fifteen blends rich vocal harmonies, vintage keyboard and guitar tones, and funk-tinged bass and drum grooves into catchy, original songs that are full of surprises. Based in Ithaca, New York, the five-piece is influenced by 1960s California and Liverpool, 1970s Memphis and New Orleans, and the DIY ethos of the internet-powered independent music scene. Fronted by dynamic vocalist Mandy Goldman and rounded out by versatile singer/instrumentalists Samuel B. Lupowitz, Harry Nichols, Joe Massa, and Phil Shay, Noon Fifteen entertains with witty, earnest lyrics and a Stax Revue’s heart and soul.

In December of 2017, Noon Fifteen released their first batch of studio recordings, Volume 1. In addition to the typical digital and disc editions, Volume 1 featured episodic releases as a podcast (containing interviews, demos, and other insights into the band’s creative process) and as a video album documenting the studio sessions.

“Outshining conventional pop music with their creativity, the tracks on Volume 1 manage to double the length of the average pop song without feeling bloated or repetitious . . . Mandy Goldman’s vocal finesse and versatility is particularly evident . . . Each member of the group is essential to the overall sound of the band.”
~George W. Wilhelm III, New Music Friday

“Another prime example of talented original musicians that help make our music scene so special.”
~Kyle Farr, Ithaca Times

“I’m partial to female vocals – and this town is packed with women who can mesmerize with their voices. One of them has been working with some of my favorite singer-songwriters lately . . . Mandy Goldman is the real deal. And Sam Lupowitz is one of the real craftsmen of melody and words in the region, writing ear worms with thoughtful and thought-provoking lyrics that are fun to dance to or just hang out and listen.”
~Jonathan Hochberg, Finger Lakes Music Press

“One of the most versatile vocalists on the local scene, Harry Nichols goes from raucous punk pop to power metal to soulful a cappella in his various projects and handles them all equally well.”
~Jim Catalano, Ithaca Journal

Mandy Goldman - vocals & guitar. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowMandy Goldman – vocals & guitar

Samuel B. Lupowitz - keyboards & vocals. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowSamuel B. Lupowitz – keyboards & vocals

Joe Massa - guitar. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowJoe Massa – guitar

Harry Nichols - bass & vocals. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowHarry Nichols – bass & vocals

Phil Shay - drums & vocals. Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the AfterglowPhil Shay – drums & vocals