An epic prog-pop suite from Noon Fifteen

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“As is to be expected at this point from Noon Fifteen, the entire 22-minute epic is packed with emotion, groove, catchy hooks, superb musicianship and orchestration, clever lyricism, and vocal precision . . . At the Festival finds the perfect application for multiple proficient lead singers . . . an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking listen that will definitely not disappoint existing fans and new listeners alike.”
~George W. Wilhelm III, New Music Friday

“A small town band with a big imagination”
~Pete Mason, NYS Music



In their debut release, Volume 1, prog-soul band Noon Fifteen blends rich vocal harmonies, vintage keyboard and guitar tones, and funk-tinged bass and drum grooves into catchy, original songs that are full of surprises.


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The band is currently booking for 2020. Contact Sam at to book today!

Photo by Ryah Giles / Ready for the Afterglow